The Swede in the middle of Silicon Valley

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007


So I was bored and decide to take a ride to the Guitar Central to check out some guitars, I ended up coming out with this beauty.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Samba + ACL

So I've been hacking Samba and Linux ACL with a colleague today. Must say that it's way better than UNIX standard permission structure but it still seams to have some old issues which haven't been resolved completely, automatically recursive when creation of new files for example.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Foot in the wood

Originally uploaded by garnser

I took this photo by accident last year when I went to Boise, Idaho, USA, I like it somehow, nice with the colors in the ground.

Awsome piercing

As some of my friends know I've a small "fetish" or whatever you would call it for piercings and tattoos, the only thing I've is stretched earlobes but that's about it, we'll see if I'll get some more later on (used to have more though).

Anyhow I really do like this photo and the piercings. What do you think?

Bicycling after work

So Jason and Mark took me bicycling after work today, we ended up going 8 miles which by 3 were uphill. I must say that this was really fun to do even if I would've liked to go longer but still, not everyone has been living on his bike for the last several years. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures since I forgot the mobile in the car :( wasn't to much to see though except for uphill roads and such.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yay, internet finally!

So this morning Comcast dropped by to install internet for me, must say that it was very complicated, connecting modem to outlet and modem to laptop. I could probably not have done it myself...

Best AMV ever

So I was browsing around at YouTube for Anime music videos and stumbled upon this one which is probably the best one I've ever seen.

So since I suck at youtube stuff I posted the wrong video, the right one is up now, enjoy!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Parking-lot issues...

So I'm having some issues with the parking in my new apartment, I've been assigned parking-lot EE2 but obviously some bastard has taken it. Since I was leaving for LA I sent this email to my landlord:

Hi again.

I've located my parking slot to find that someone else is using it.

The car parked in my slot (EE2) has the following registration-number: XXXXXXX
I've now parked in slot (EE1) and my registration-number is: XXXXXXX

I'm leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6pm and wont be back until Sunday.

Hopefully my parking slot will be freed up by tomorrow but if not I'll be unable to move it until Sunday.

Please call me if you've any questions my mobile number is: 408-931-XXXX

So today I got back from LA and what do I see? I've gotten 3 parking violation notifications, and the bastard who has taken my parking-lot hasn't received any!! To bad that I'm to lazy to go to the landlord, their office is closed now anyhow. Guess I'll send em an email.

Middle of nowhere

So Oliver and I went back up to Cupertino today, a nice trip of 650 km, the road has it moments but it's mostly desert or farms all over.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Party at Olivers place

Ok, it wasn't really a party, just a good excuse to get drunk since the legal age of drinking is 21 over here. I had some fun and met some more people even though I drank a bit to much :(.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Ah! Finally, now I've seen the Hollywood sign. Sadly enough you cannot get any closer to it without having polices chasing you all over. Anyhow the trip up to the in-official lookup point was really nice, the closest I can come to think of would be Italy, small roads with well designed houses all over in the hills.

Downtown L.A.

So things are going well at the office, I've actually been able to have 4 days of _real_ vacation this year. Since I'm in the US now I decided to go south to LA to meet up with Oliver and have some fun for a couple of days.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Things moving on

So lately there has been a bunch of stuff going on. I've gotten my apartment, driver license, bank account, applied for a social security number and so on. Since I've transfered my mobile to AT&T I'm having some issues blogging with my mobile since I only get GPRS since AT&T decided to have 3G on another frequency than than in Europe.