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Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally arrived to Cupertino

So I've finally arrived to Cupertino, here's the insane trip I had to do.

Arlanda -> Frankfurt -> Los Angeles -> San Jose

07:00 CEST: Wake up
07:30 CEST: Cab to the airport
08:00 CEST: At the airport
08:20 CEST: Checking, tickets and TSA cleared, going to gate
10:00 CEST: Announcement: The flight to Frankfurt has been delayed due to a thunderstorm, estimated boarding time is 11:00am CEST
10:15 CEST: Good news, we can board ahead of time
11:00 CEST: Boarding completed
11:20 CEST: Take off
13:40 CEST: At the Frankfurt airport, my next flight is leaving 13:55, Gotta hurry
13:40 CEST - 13:55am CEST: Runs like crazy to the other terminal
13:55 CEST: Announcement: The flight to Los Angeles is delayed due to the thunderstorm......
14:20 CEST: Boarding
15:00 CEST: Boarding completed and take off

17:00 PST: Arrives to Los Angeles, 30 minute delayed, fairly good in my opinion
17:30 PST: US immigration cleared
17:30 - 18:15 PST: Waiting for luggage, waiting a bit more....
18:15 PST: Announcement: Ehm... half of the luggage is gone, including mine (YAY awesome!!!)

My next flight is leaving at 18:55 PST and I don't have my boarding pass

18:40 PST: Goes to the self-checkin, my reservation code doesn't work, goes ahead to United services
19:00 PST: Awesome I've missed my flight, well lets hope that they can put me on another one
19:10 PST: Gets to the counter. "Your flight has been delayed until 19:35 PST" (Thank god!)
19:30 PST: TSA cleared, running without shoes to the gate (no time to put them on after the TSA)
19:34 PST: At the gate, boards quickly
19:50 PST: Takeoff!

Now I just have to wait to get my luggage, luckily enough I brought one change in my carry-on luggage, I'm just hoping that I'll get it by tomorrow, they have no idea where it is :(

Hope you'll enjoy the story ;)

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