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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Automatic update of DNS with Time Capsule and BIND dyndns

I doubt that anyone has the same setup as I have, but anyhow here's a
script I made to update the DNS record of my home-server:

To get a sense of what the script is doing let me explain my setup.

I've a hosted server where I host all my domains. One of the record is pointing at my home-server. As this server is on a consumer Internet transit it tends to change IP every now and then which can be a pain in the neck when you need to access it from a remote location and don't know the IP.

So what this script is doing is:
- Pulls IP information from my Time Capsule (which also is my router).
- Compares the IP information with a file containing the last known IP, if this file doesn't exist it is created once the updates are finished.
- Provided that the IP pulled from the Time Capsule doesn't match the last known IP the script logs into my DNS server, executes a script that updates the record pointing at my home server
- Once an update is finished it sends an email to AT&T which converts to an SMS with me as the recipient

This runs with cron every minute.


use IO::File;
my $oldip_file = "/root/oldip";

open (SNMP, "/usr/bin/snmpgetnext -cpublic -v1 IP-
MIB::ipAdEntIfIndex |");
while (<>) {
$data = $_;
close SNMP;

@ip = split('\.|\ ', $data);
$ip = $ip[1].".".$ip[2].".".$ip[3].".".$ip[4];

my $oldip = new IO::File('<'.$oldip_file); if ($ip != <$oldip>) {
system ("ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa.dnsadmin dnsadmin
\@**** '/home/dnsadmin/scripts/ ".$ip."'");
system ('echo "**** has a new IP '.$ip.'" | sendmail 408*******

open FILE, ">".$oldip_file;
print FILE $ip;
close (FILE);

If you're going to use this remove the spaces by "< SNMP >" blogspot thinks this is a HTML tag and wont let me post it.

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