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Friday, November 21, 2008

The stupidity of spending money

Since I started getting a decent salary I've just given price tags a blind eye, and a deaf ear to what customer reps are saying, i.e. I never ask or check what the price for something is.

So tomorrow I'm going to a wedding, friend of mine is getting married. Since this week has been pretty stressful I didn't end up doing it until today. Getting into the store all the reps are friendly as always, shows me different options and I select something I think looks good.

After fitting I go our to the cashier to pay, as a small surprise the cashier says, that's $1299. Ugh, my credit-card has a limit of $700 and my debit card is limited to something similar. So I end up buying a gift-card to split the cost on. But oh yeah, that hurt, really bad, especially since I wear suits like, 1 time per year, based out of this I ought it to myself to wear it every freaking day.

Yes I'm stupid and I'll try to start looking at the price tags, for now it's shop-stop for the rest of the year (I've already bought my family xmas-presents).


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