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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Continues issues getting into the american society

So I've been an employee in the US for 2.5 month now and things are going pretty well at work. I'm enjoying my life overall (it's always nice to start off from the beginning) but obviously there's obstacles which one has to overcome.

One of these is the Social Security number.
So at first when I went to apply for it I ended up in a 4 hour long q, and no I'm not that patience so I dropped of after 1 hour saying to myself that I had better things to do, well working that is.
So I went back to Sweden for a month, at this point I cannot get my payment cause I can't use my US bank accounts without a SSN, woopie!
So I got back here, applied for one only took 30 minutes this time since I was there before they opened. Lucky me I guess, now that's in progress. At least I hope so cause a couple of days ago I realized that I had different names written on my I-94 and my application and I've honestly no idea of if I'm going to get a SSN or if I've to re-apply. ARGH!

So secondly is my driver license which wasn't to painful to get. Well, get in the sense of passing all the tests. So after I made the tests they told me that I should have my driver license in 4-6 weeks which sounded fine, sure it's a lot slower than in Sweden but I couldn't care less since I was going back for a month anyway.
So now when I got back I still hadn't received my driver license so I ended up calling DMV. And guess what they tell me? "You didn't apply your SSN when first applying for a driver license". Well that's just awesome. Couldn't they've been a bit more predictive and tell me that when I first applied? So this will effectively mean that I wont be able to get my driver license until I get my SSN plus 4-6 weeks. And that is if I get my SSN due to my miss-writing in the application. Not that I've a car or anything but this really bugs me out to the extreme. What's the reason of having all of the procedures when you aren't told anywhere all of the things you need?

But yet again, I still enjoy living here. Likewise work it sucks plenty some days but there's something keeping me. We'll see how it goes.

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